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STAGE 1: Building Of The Hull
Careful dismantling of the original vessel using a chainsaw ! ! It took 2 days cutting away and unfastening the vessel to salvage only 6 original wooden pieces including the counter-horn timbre (stern post), deadwood, deadwood knee, upper transom framework, one deck beam, rudder and the cast iron ballast keel.

From the original plans we lofted the vessel (carefully drawn to full scale) onto 8 painted 4x8 sheets of adjoined plywood.

The mould was then carefully built and constructed from the lofting, over top which the "new" vessel would be built.

The white oak ribs were steam-bent over the mould and clamped in place to dry for several months. The ribs were then removed, varnished and re-fastened to the mould.

The mahogany hull planking was made, fitted and temporarily fastened using clamps and stainless steel screws with fender washers. This picture shows the original deadwood (dark piece) has been permanently installed.

This picture shows some of the laminated oak floor timbres which have been built and removed for varnishing before their final installation.

The hull planking was removed, varnished, and permanently re-installed with bronze fasteners and a fine strand of cotton caulking with wet varnish between all planks.

Liftoff !! After planking was complete, the vessel was released, lifted off the mould and turned right side up. The mould was then lifted intact and suspended from the ceiling where it awaits the next Dragon project.

We were asked and pleased to display our half-finished yacht at the 1994 Toronto International Boat Show. For additional effect we faired, sanded and varnished the port side only, leaving the starboard side still rough and untouched.

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