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Woodwind Yachts Restoration Project

TYPE: 1930's 14' Peterborough Gaff-rigged Catboat

OWNER: Jacy Payne, Washington , U.S.A.

PROJECT: Remove and replace every steam-bent rib in vessel, 6 full-length planks, 2 scarfed planks, stem, keelson, entire decks including deck beams and mast partner, mast step, coamings, rubrails, seats and floorboards. Remove, repair and reinstall original transom and centreboard trunk. Completely refinish vessel and spars with 6 coats of premium marine varnish. Supply new "classic cloth" mainsail and new trailer with laminated fitted bunks.

And so the project begins ..........

"Asphodel" as we found her.
This picture of the hull interior shows a horror of deteriorated ribs, planks and sistered ribs.
First the vessel was shored up so as not to lose the original shape. This picture shows the stem and keelson have been removed making her extremely flimsy during this stage.
The new white oak stem is built and temporarily installed.
The original transom and centreboard trunk have both been removed for repairs. The centreboard trunk was completely dismantled, repaired, the inside refinished, then reassembled.
The original transom is now reinstalled. The new keelson is made and the repaired original centreboard trunk has been permanently fastened to it.
Old ribs are removed, the interior hull planking is refinished in these areas, then the new ribs are made and steam-bent into the refinished areas.
The same procedure is followed for the next group of ribs, making the vessel appear "patchy" and odd at this stage.
Here Arn and Stan are bending the last few ribs into the stern of the vessel.
Next the deteriorated planks are removed and replaced. They must be steam-bent into the vessel due to the excessive twist at the lower stem.
Now we will sand and varnish all the new ribs to catch up to the refinished planks and centreboard trunk. This picture shows the deteriorated deck beams and mast partner.
Follow the next stage of the restoration being done on this lovely 14' Peterborough Catboat.

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