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Woodwind Yachts Restoration Project
TYPE: 1929 14' Peterborough Gaff-rigged Catboat

OWNER: Jacy Payne, Washington , U.S.A.

PROJECT: Remove and replace every steam-bent rib in vessel, 6 full-length planks, 2 scarfed planks, stem, keelson, entire decks including deck beams and mast partner, mast step, coamings, rubrails, seats and floorboards. Remove, repair and reinstall original transom and centreboard trunk. Completely refinish vessel and spars with 6 coats of premium marine varnish. Supply new "classic cloth" mainsail and new trailer with laminated fitted bunks.

The project changes ..........

When we began replacing the necessary planking, we found that through the ages the original planking most likely had been sanded and refinished several times, making it thinner than it had originally been in 1929. This, along with the owner's desire to see beautiful new cedar instead of old, necessitated that we now very carefully undo a lot of our work and completely replank the vessel. This is most certainly building a boat the hard way! All that will now remain of the original vessel is the transom, centreboard trunk, spars and the steel centreboard.

And so the project continues ..........

New planks are built and varnished on the inside prior to installation. "Asphodel" is in the background.
The new cedar planks are then installed using thickened varnish as caulking at the laps.
Slowly and systematically the original planking is removed and replaced.
This picture shows the hull has been totally replanked and all the new deck beams have been built, varnished and installed. The rib ends still need to be trimmed.
Finally the last (6th) coat of varnish is being applied to the entire interior.
The new decks have been built, the undersides varnished, then permanently installed. They are now being covered in epoxy and cloth for maximum durability, then will be painted.
Follow the completion of the project
on this lovely 14' Peterborough Catboat.

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