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Another Award winning Canadian built Boat! 1st place for our little Aykroyd!

Part 1 of 2
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"Indian Summer II" in Part 2

NAME: "Indian Summer II"

TYPE: 14' Aykroyd Sailing Dinghy (catboat)

BUILT: Toronto, Ontario, 1935

PROJECT: Remove and replace 12 steam-bent oak ribs, 12 cedar planks (approx. half of the hull), the entire decks, aft coaming and mast step. Remove, disassemble, repair, then re-assemble and install the centreboard trunk. Tighten original hull fasteners and perform misc. repairs throughout. Completely refinish the entire vessel (inside and out), and the 3 spars with 7 coats of Epifanes varnish. Strip and polish the original bronze hardware and supply new (period) rigging.

In 2007, Mr. Jim Grand commissioned Woodwind Yachts to completely restore and refinish his 1935 - 14' Aykroyd sailing dinghy to excellent condition throughout. In August 2008 this gorgeous little craft was awarded "Best in Show - Non-Power" at the annual Antique and Classic Boat Show, held in Clayton, New York, U.S.A..

And so the project begins..............

A tired little Aykroyd arrives at our shop. A multitude of horrors lies beneath the floorboards!
When the deteriorated decking is removed, we find more problems. Many years before, someone has 'patch' repaired the broken and rotted deck beams.
With the forward decks off, we can see that a new mast step will also have to be built.
With the entire decks off, and a couple of planks removed, we affix temporary bracing to straighten the hull.
As the 12 steam-bent oak ribs are systematically replaced, the hull interior is partially refinished to seal the wood, prior to installing the new ribs.
When ribbing is complete, new planks are made, sealed and installed. Here, two craftsmen are installing a plank which is copper clench-nail fastened.
This photograph shows numerous new planks on the starboard hull. The new planks have not yet been trimmed to size at the transom.
The remainder of the original varnish is now being stripped. The hull is then carefully prepared and sanded to our standards.
Here, Tony is applying the 2nd last coat of varnish to the hull exterior. The final coat will not be applied until the decks are on and the interior is installed.

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