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Woodwind Yachts Restoration Project

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1963 - 37' Robb Cruising Sloop

OWNER: Bernd & Heather Haertel, Ontario, Canada

And so the project continues ..........

The new starboard 2nd broad plank is being trial fitted to the vessel.
The garboard, broad plank and 2nd broad plank have now been installed on the starboard side, and the fastener holes have been plugged.
In a matter of seconds, one of the full ribs is removed from the steam box and is being installed by 2 men into the hull. (The second person is in the bilge.)
The rib is temporarily fastened into the boat with screws and fender washers. Later, it will be removed, sealed and permanently reinstalled.
This view shows the forward starboard sheer plank has been nicely scarfe repaired.
Some new deck beams have been installed, along with the carlins. The bulkheads have now also been repaired, but not yet cut to size at the top.
The new plywood sub-decks have been built, the undersides have been painted, and they have been installed. The new covering boards are now being built.
For the most part, the original teak decking was reused. It was all run through the planer once to clean it up and is shown here being installed into the new sealed plywood sub-decks with 3M 5200 adhesive.
This view shows the new aft sub-decks and covering boards.
The aft bullwarks are being laminated and the teak decking is beginning to be laid overtop the new aft plywood sub-decks.
The excess caulking has been sanded from the aft decks and the mahogany cockpit covering boards have been installed and plugged.
The original superstructure is released from the roof and set on benches on the shop floor. It will be completely replaced instead of repaired.

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