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VESSEL: 1963 - 37' Robb Cruising Sloop

OWNER: Bernd & Heather Haertel, Ontario, Canada

And the project is completed..........

The teak decking has all been laid and sanded. New 20' mahogany cabinsides have now also been built and installed.
Plastic sheeting is fastened to the vessel's bulwarks and to the floor. Moisture is added to the enclosed hull for several weeks to swell the planking prior to final sanding and painting.
This photo shows all the cockpit framework has been properly sealed prior to installation.
The cockpit sole and framework has now been built and installed.
The hull topsides have been properly sealed and primed. Here - Arn and Steve (foreground) are busy caulking the hull with cotton.
All the cabintop beams have been built, sealed and installed. The 2 large windows have now been cut into the new cabinsides. (The 6 metre yacht "Merenneito" is in the foreground - to be featured at a later date).
The 1st layer of 3/8" mahogany plywood is being trial fitted to the cabintop.
Small grooves are routered into the 1st layer of plywood to run hidden wiring to all the cabinlights. The 2nd layer of plywood will completely hide and seal all the wiring.
The new double layer plywood cabintop has been installed. 4 coats of epoxy along with 1 layer of cloth has been applied to the exterior for durability.
"Menina" is really taking shape now with all the portholes cut into the new cabinsides, the new bulwarks installed and the hull exterior painted.
This view shows the cockpit almost complete with the new aft curved coamings.
Painting and varnishing is now complete and the hardware has been installed on the new cabintop.
The new cockpit is complete and now the hardware is being installed.
The last coat of bronze antifouling paint has been applied as launch day approaches.
Her original name "Menina" is hand painted on the new varnished transom as a final touch.

Photo courtesy of Mike at Trent Photographics.

Photo courtesy of Mike at Trent Photographics.

"Menina" is finally back in the water again, looking great and sitting peacefully at her dock at the Port of Newcastle.


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