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VESSEL: 1947 - 25' Folkboat Sloop "TJOCKIS"

OWNER: Klaas Tebbens, Ontario, Canada

PROJECT: Remove and replace approx. 20 ribs (scarfe repairing lower ribs where possible), 15 planks, numerous planking scarfe repairs, 5 floortimbres, additional floortimbre sections, keelson, sternpost, keelbolts, partial transom, superstructure, cockpit, interior, rubrails, toerails and hatches. The original decks are to be repaired, then overlaid with epoxy and cloth. The entire vessel is to be completely refastened, recaulked and refinished inside and out.

When I met "TJOCKIS" for the first time she was sadly sitting neglected outside, on an old farm trailer. Unsuccessful attempts of repair had been conducted on her, and now, with her ballast keel removed, had developed a severe twist down her length. I knew her last chance was to be brought to Woodwind Yachts ....

And so the project begins ..........

"TJOCKIS" arriving at Woodwind Yachts on our hydraulic trailer.
Her ballast keel had been previously removed and can be seen here laying on the starboard (right) side of the cradle. Several planks were missing and the garboards were splayed and broken.
"TJOCKIS" was set down in the back corner of our shop as she would be "visiting" us for quite some time. For months we "misted" her, slowly applying moisture and the counter pressure required to remove the twist from her hull.
Once straightened, we then began the systematic dismantling. This view shows numerous planks at her stern have been removed, along with her sternpost and keelson. Poor old girl!
The new keelson is built from white oak and can be seen here on the bench with the rabbets cut for the garboard plank land, and the pockets cut out for the lower ribs to fit into.
The new sternpost and knee are also fitted and properly sealed on the bench, prior to final installation.
New white oak floortimbres were built, sealed and installed into the bilge. The top sections of the new floortimbres were laminated for greater strength. Unlike the originals, the new ones were made to fit properly. The remaining original floortimbres were removed for inspection, sealed, then reinstalled.
"TJOCKIS" was lifted to have her keelson, sternpost and knee permanently installed. The top of the ballast keel was rust protected, then remounted to the vessel with new keelbolts.
With the backbone assembled, we then began replacing ribs or scarfe repairing the lower ends as shown here. Properly done, this is very strong, aesthetically far nicer then "sistering" broken or deteriorated ribs, and doesn't require additional fastener holes drilled through the original planking.
The deteriorated planking is then removed, remade, sealed and installed into the vessel.
This view shows 5 new planks installed into the starboard aft end of the vessel. The second broad plank has been scarfe repaired.
From inside the cockpit area, you can see new planks, floortimbres and scarfed lower ribs have now all been permanently installed. She was originally planked in larch, copper rivet fastened through white oak ribs, and we rebuilt her using the same materials and fasteners.
The project changes ....
It is discussed and decided that we are now to install a rebuilt "Vire" 7 H.P. gasoline engine into her bilge. The engine is shown here, redone and ready for installation. We have also decided that she is to have entirely new decks, instead of repairing the originals.
Follow the progress of this project in Part 2 of 4.

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