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The Aristocraft Avalon Adventure
Part 1

VESSEL: 1957 - 15' Aristocraft "Avalon" Runabout

OWNER: Wayne Robinson, Ontario, Canada

PROJECT: Complete restoration. Remove and replace entire hull topsides, chines, bilge stringers, outer keel, decks, deck beams, both "fins", seats, floorboards, windshield and upholstery. Repair bottom, transom and dash, then completely refinish vessel inside and out. Rebuild and install the 75 H.P. Mercury MK 75 outboard motor.

Although from this picture the vessel appears satisfactory at first glance, there was a lot of work required. The hull sides were delaminating and the plywood decks had been sanded through the top veneer from someone's previous attempt at refinishing. The windshield was broken, there was missing hardware, and all the aluminum trim was bent and twisted, and required replacement.

And so the project begins ..........

Stan has removed the old fiberglass from the bottom and begins easily pulling the first 2 layers of veneer from the delaminating plywood hull topsides.
The outer keel is removed and two long 2 x 8's are temporarily secured to the bottom to straighten the hull during the required repairs.
When the hull topsides are carefully removed, she looks very scary! The stem, transom and a few temporary upright supports are all that holds the vessel together at this stage.
The new hull topsides are built and installed, and the interior is completely refinished.
Epoxy and cloth is then applied to the vessel's original bottom - to the waterline. The new hull topsides are covered for protection.
The transom is repaired, then overlaid with a thin layer of ribbon-stripe Bruynzeel mahogany plywood to match the new hull topsides.
Both "fins" are removed and are used for patterns for the new ones. The hull exterior has received its first 4 coats of varnish for protection.
The new "fins" have been installed and varnished. The new aft decks have just been laminated and installed over the curved framework.
Follow the progress of this project to completion in Part 2.

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