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Woodwind Yachts Restoration Project

TYPE: 23' Rainbow Class Racing Sloop.

BUILT: Hamilton, Ontario, Circa 1949.

PROJECT: Remove and replace 15 planks, 40 ribs, keelson, lower stem, floor timbres, deadwood, keel bolts, deck beams and decks, superstructure, transom, rudder and boom. Completely refinish vessel.

"CHAYA" as she was found deteriorating away at Ashbridges Bay, Toronto.
Close-up of hull. Old ribs have been removed. Shown here are the wooden wedges epoxied into the old fastener holes so the new ribs can be drilled and fastened through "fresh" wood.
Vessel is turned upside down for ease in replacing the keelson and bottom planking. (Dragon being built in background).
Hull interior is refinished prior to deck installation. New deck beams have been built, varnished and installed.
New marine plywood decks have been installed with West epoxy system. Superstructure and transom are being varnished, hull is sealed and primed.
New deadwood is being laminated together from select white oak.
Deadwood is being fitted to keel (upside down) and keel bolt holes are being drilled.
Keel, deadwood and new rudder have been installed. Cast iron ballast is being coated with a rust preventative.
"CHAYA" finished and ready for transport to the Gravenhurst Antique and Classic Boat Show - 1996. She won "Sailboat of the Show". The following summer she was awarded "Best in Class" at the Clayton N.Y. Antique and Classic Boat Show.
"CHAYA" is meticulously hand-painted in two colours on the beautiful new curved transom.
Rigged up and moored at her dock in Port of Newcastle Marina.

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