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Woodwind Yachts NEW Nomad Project

Introducing the all NEW!
1957/58 - 15' Peterborough "NOMAD" reproduction by Woodwind Yachts.

After 30 years and 50 cedarstrip restorations later, we have just introduced a new line of runabouts being built at our shop, which we would consider to be the finest overall cedarstrips being built anywhere today.

Woodwind Yachts is proud to announce production of our custom reproduction of 1957/58 - 15' Peterborough "Nomad" cedarstrip runabouts. These beautifully built vessels are constructed from select red cedar planking, copper clench nail fastened through steam-bent white oak ribs. The stem, keels, ribs, transom, planking and decks are all made slightly heavier than the original "Nomads" for added strength. Each piece of wood has been sealed completely with 3 coats of thinned varnish prior to assembly for longevity. Each vessel is finished inside and out with 7 coats of varnish for maximum durability. The original style 1 piece plexiglass windshields have been replaced with the older style Peterborough 2 piece safety glass windshields for an enhanced appearance.

We begin with a strong, solid mould, lofted and built from an existing Peterborough "Nomad".

The heavy white oak stem is laminated over a sturdy jig.

The stem and inner keel are fitted to the mould, then sealed with 3 coats of thinned varnish.

It's a good day's work to steam-bend all the ribs onto the mould.

The backside of the ribs and the transom end grain (showing spline joint) are also properly sealed prior to planking.

The planking is milled, sealed with varnish, then fastened to the ribs.

The completed hull is then released and lifted off the mould.

The project continues.


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